Ian and the boys “brought it” to the Continental Club in Houston last Friday night.   A great ten minute version of Blue Sky and some new tracks made for one hot evening.  It was a fantastic warm up as Ian and the Lossy Coils now go off to conquer Austin and the world through SXSW.  This must be Ian’s 20th year playing SXSW….maybe more haha.

There is a clip of Blue Sky on youtube. I will try to post a link here soon. check it out

Yours truly.

For those in Houston, Ian is playing two acoustic shows at the Mucky Duck on December 7, 2013. The Mucky Duck is one of the top acoustic venues in the USA….great sound in there and very intimate show with Ian. Come check it out!


22-June-2013…..wow my head is still spinning.  What a KILLER show.

I know I know…you all that know me figure I probably say that a lot, but I have good reason.

Ian and the boys (Matt, Kullen and Brandon) put on an absolutely amped up, high energy show at the Houston Continental Club last night (the 22nd).

Not only that, but I feel that the setlist was a right mix of old and new. It flowed great and never let up.  There was something for everyone.

Of most importance to me was to hear some new material…..LIVE.    In case you didnt catch it (shame shame) Ian put out a very cool internet offer….30 downloads in 30 days.

It was a sort of “pay what you think it is worth” kinda deal.  They were all new songs in various stages of completeness, but all worthy of a listen. Now we got to see the proof in the pudding.

We got Harvey Gann, Lords of the Levee, 1,000 Blackbirds, and Little While.  By all accounts, Lords of the Levee was the best of the new ones, and a definite instant favorite.  After the gig, I told Matt and Ian both that this song has a cool Thin Lizzy-like bass line and rhythm….             At hearing that they both reacted the same and exclaimed that it was…. apparently Ian sent Matt a demo and he recommended a bit of Thin Lizzy style to it.  As i am a big thin lizzy fan, that was pretty cool..  I hear Matt is going to have a mirrored pickguard put on his bass, just like Phil Lynott of Thin Lizzy.   A fitting tribute, my man!

Other highlights of the night were:  “Hillary Step”, a rocked up “At the Crossroads” (probably the best version I  have seen live of this song),  Little While, Let Me Out, and How Does it Feel.

Kullen really blew out the board with his trumpet on Angelyne….I cant hear that song any more without trumpet after hearing Kullen doing it that way for a few years now. very cool.

Brandon has been the most unsung hero drummer Ian has had.  He is a very powerful drummer and I attribute a bit of that to Ian being a little more high energy just now, compared to a few tours ago. He has a definite rockier, heavier style…probably the heaviest drummer Ian has had since Chris Searles.

Matt is a rock….never misses a lick and keeps the band together like crazy glue.  God bless you man!

and of course, Ian killed it on every song.  Some great solos and some that were even better.  I am so glad to hear the guitar up in the mix and in your face on several tracks, and yes, even the not so blues guitar god tracks.  The songs are great, the playing by all was great, the crowd was great, the dancing was great (at point during the gig there was a girl dancing on stage, via invitation by Ian…very nicely too I might add….!)

Apparently, Ian was playing with a sore shoulder too….but you would have never known it.

anyway,  I hope that Ian and the band can just bottle up that energy and intense playing and unleash it everywhere they go…..  go see them play….now!

Bobby Gervais

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In the meantime, here are some goodies to keep you entertained.


Ian Moore-1994 Houston 03 Nothin’
Ian Moore – Paris Texas (live studio)
Ian Moore-1994 Houston 06 How Does It Feel
Ian Moore – Just A Little Bit (Q102, Acoustic)
Ian Moore-Things We Carried

Here is a cool flashback for the old Ian fans….a 1996 show!

Recorded in Memphis TN on 5th May, 1996, this rockin’ audience recording sounds great!

set list:

1. Train Tracks
2. Society
3. Satisfied
4. Dandelion
5. Bar Line 99/SDMF
6. Blue Sky
7. Me and My Guitar

To whet everyone’s appetite for new shows, here is a full-band show from August 2005. It had Ian, Kullen, Kyle and George playing to a PACKED full house. The Continental Club had a great vibe that night, and Ian and band rocked hard. Ian had his electric on and solo’ed away. Besides the full band, and the return to some old electric favorites, the real treat was some new songs! check them out!

Recorded from the soundboard to Sony D100 DAT, copied digitally to CDR, then ripped to mp3 in high quality.


Disc 1

1. Literary Kind

2. Colvos Passage

3. Johnny Cash & Electric bible

4. Walk On By

5. Caroline

6. I am the Cosmos (Chris Bell)

7. 21

8. Cinnamon

9. Today

10. Sir Robert Scott

11. Angelyne

Disc 2

1. Bastards

2. Killing Joke

3. April

4. New Day

5. Innocent Maneuvers

6. Closer

7. True Love Ways (Buddy Holly)

8. Blue Sky

9. Wedding Day

10. The Porpoise Song (Carole king)